Purrfect! Simple cat makeup ideas for Halloween

We’ve all been there: You have just received a last-minute invite for a Halloween party. Normally you would ignore it, but this one organized by your long-time crush.

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It’s time to impress!

Problem is – you don’t have a costume, and there’s no time for shopping. Quick search on Pinterest gives you an idea: a sexy catwoman.

Outfit sorted: shiny leggings, v-neck and a pair of heals – all in classic black. Simply purrfect!

All what’s left before going out is a feline-inspired makeup. You could just freestyle it, but there is a risk it will turn into a messy disaster. It doesn’t have to be difficult though – all you need is:

  • some inspiration  – I will sort this one for you, check out my suggestions below 🙂 From a cute kitten to a vicious lioness, from scary to sexy… simple cat makeup ideas for Halloween.
  • preparation Most of the looks can be done with mainstream makeup products from a local drugstore , but it’s good to have all the basics at home.
  • and a tiny bit of practice.

1. Cute cat makeup tutorial

My absolute favorite of them all! It’s a great look for a family-friendly Halloween party, when going too scary simply isn’t an option. (via Hercity)

This cat makeup is my absolute favorite! Really great look for a family-friendly Halloween party.

2. Go wild with this cat makeup for Halloween

Become a fierce leopard! Note how impactful these false eyelashes are.

To spice things up, you can draw more leopard spots on your neck and arms as well! Try on a pair of gorgeous leopard print leggings for that purr-fect finishing touch (via Beautylish)

Sexy leopard makeup, ideal for a fancy dress party | makebeautysimple.com @cath_millen

3. Simple cat makeup idea

Found this one randomly on Pinterest and I couldn’t take my eyes of it. It proves that if you have right accessories (such as this awesome hat), your makeup doesn’t have to be too elaborative. All you need is a really good natural look first, then go heavy on the eyelashes and draw the nose,whiskers & cover the upper lip. (via WeHeartIt)

This awesome cat makeup proves that if you have a good base, your makeup doesn't have to be too elaborative.


4. Scary Cheshire Cat Makeup tutorial

To keep in line with a true spirit of Halloween, this suggestion is a little bit more scary. Believe me, you will definitely get noticed with this one! Just don’t blame me if nobody wants to kiss ya! 🙂 (via Sami @Youtube)

Super scary cat makeup tutorial, perfect for this Halloween!


5. Shiny kitten makeup look

To create even more drama, contour your face with silvery-metallic eye shadow, that builds from a light, sheer shimmer to a high-metallic opaque. Go heavy on the eye as well!

“Straight outta bed” hair, plus a cute cat hairband and you’re sorted. (via Shopstyle)

Awesome cat makeup tutorials and inspirations | makebeautysimple.com @cath_millen

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Looking for some Halloween inspiration? We've got some simple cat makeup ideas for you | makebeautysimple.com @Cath_Millen