How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

Have you ever wondered how to remove eyelash extensions at home? If so, this post is right for you.

I’ll admit it – I envy these gorgeous celebrities, sporting long and thick eyelashes… Yes, I’m well aware that they all have a private makeup artist at their disposal. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep on trying to get that perfect look on my own 🙂

My solution: eyelash extensions. They look fabulous! I’m sure you’ve heard about them before: artificial lashes attached to your natural ones with a special semi-permanent glue.

How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

So gorgeous – why remove them?

Usually, there is no need to remove them at all – they last around 6 weeks and they fall out naturally (just like your naturals) as the brand new lashes are growing out.

But you might have your reasons to get rid of them right now, for instance:

  • You just got a new corporate gig, and high-impact lashes are not a good look
  • You find them uncomfortable (pinching or pulling sensation)
  • The lashes are mostly grown out, but you’re stuck with a few stubborn ones.

Either way, I would recommend re-visiting your cosmetologist, most of the salons will remove the extensions without an additional charge. But if you prefer to get rid of them in the comfort of your own home – stick with me, I will show you how.

How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

The adhesive used to install the eyelash extensions is quite strong and water/soap and sweat-resistant. It doesn’t come off easily. You have to be super-careful to avoid stripping away your real lashes along with the add-ons.
Our main aim is to dissolve this glue. All you need is a bowl of steaming water and some coconut or olive oil (very useful for taking off a waterproof mascara as well!).

Method 1 – The natural way

Step 1

Use a gentle makeup remover to clean your face. Then, wash and dry it.

Step 2

Fill the bowl with hot water. The temperature must be high enough to be steaming. Place your face directly above the bowl, drape a large towel over your head. Steam your face for around 10-15 minutes to soften the adhesive.

Step 3

Dip a cotton pad in the oil of your choice. Gently wipe it on your lash line to allow the extensions to slide off. Repeat until all the extensions are gone.

Step 4

All done? Rinse your face to remove the excess oil. Then proceed as usual and apply your favorite face cream. I would recommend using a good eyelash conditioner to get your natural lashes back into top shape.

Method 2 – Using glue remover

If you have the opportunity, ask your salon which glue remover they use.

Our recommendation: Blink Gel Remover for Eyelash Extensions. It’s a great mild solvent – very effective but without that nasty, overbearing smell.

Word of warning

Never ever pluck the eyelash extensions! That’s just unsafe and you will likely damage your natural lashes in the process.

Eyelash extensions are great, but definitely not low-maintenance. If after removal you’re not happy with your natural look, invest in a tested eyelash conditioner. You’ll be surprised at the results.

Have you ever wondered how to remove eyelash extensions at home? If so, this post is right for you. | @Cath_Millen


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