How to clean a mascara wand?

Picture this: you have bought a really good mascara not long ago, but after 2 months you cannot stand the clumps? Well, you could chuck this (still perfectly) good mascara or…you could give it a quick clean. “How to clean a mascara wand?” – you wonder. Let me guide you through it.

Saving money, saving the environment

These days, so many of us are just having too much fun exploring our options with various beauty products and with that fun comes expenses.

Buying brand new mascara, eyeshadow or lipstick when your current one is still perfectly fine can come out very pricey in the long run.  It’s always logical to stay economical, plus it’s better for the environment. With that, you must also take responsibility in caring for your beauty products and cosmetic tools.

In this article, let me highlight the simple ways of maintaining and prolonging the life of a basic beauty essential: the Mascara Wand.

Is it safe?

There are some doubts to whether Mascara wands should be kept and maintained for prolonged periods of time, but it’s perfectly safe to do so just as long as you do it right. Leaving your mascara wand uncleaned will leave unwanted leftover mascara residue and will mess up the fibers of the wand.

Just follow these simple tips to make your mascara wand usage a smooth and easy makeup experience.


How to clean a mascara wand

Step 1. Use a Paper Towel to Wipe Off the Clumps On Your Wand

It’s a fairly simple process and it should not take you to long to accomplish. It’s always a good practice to regularly check your mascara wand on a weekly basis if any clumping might be compromising the integrity of the wand.

Dried mascara clumps can really affect the accuracy and precision of applying mascara. To get rid of the clumps, you need only grip the bristles with a paper towel and then gently wiggle the wand back and forth in half rotations. This process helps get rid of the annoying clumps completely.

Another benefit of this process is that it helps in spreading apart the bristles of the wand.

Step 2. Leave Your Mascara Wand to Soak in Hot Water to Loosen Leftover Residue

Another important thing you have to watch out for in mascara wands is having leftover product from previous uses. Wiping it with a paper towel might get some of it off the wand, but leaving it to soak in hot water is sure to aid in that process. Just place some hot water in a short glass, and make sure that the water is not boiling so as not to compromise the plastic of the wand.

Leave the wand in the cup and let it soak for around 5 minutes or so. In that duration, the brush should start to release the clumps from its bristles in a natural way.

This may result in the water changing color to blacker tones, which is normal. After this process, you will find that your mascara wand’s bristles are softer and more manageable for future use.

Step 3. Leave your Mascara Wand to Soak in Isopropyl Alcohol for Sanitation

When it comes to your face, you always want to play it safe. That includes ensuring that your beauty products and tools are always clean and sanitized.

After soaking the mascara wand in hot water, it’s time to sanitize them and make sure that they are germ-free by soaking the mascara wand in alcohol for about a minute or so. The process is fairly simple and there is no need to boil the alcohol at this point.

While you are soaking your mascara wand, you may notice that some leftover residue from previous uses will be dislodging still even at this stage of the cleansing process. That’s why it’s always important to be thorough.

Step 4. Clean Out Your Wand’s Plastic Handle with a Cotton Swab

The little plastic handle at the tip of your mascara wand is still susceptible to having leftover residue from previous uses.

All of that leftover gunk may build up overtime and compromise the cleanliness and effectiveness of your mascara wand. To fix this issue, merely use a plain cotton swab and dab at the openings in the handle with it until you are satisfied with its cleanliness.

You will know that the handle is clean when twisting it to close the mascara container becomes a smooth and seamless process.

Step 5. Dry Your Wand’s Bristles with a Paper Towel

After having soaked your mascara wand in hot water and alcohol, and after cleaning its handle with a cotton swab, your next course of action is in drying your wands bristles.

Just merely pat them dry on a dry paper towel before using them again or replacing them back into their containers.

 The simple ways of maintaining and prolonging the life of a basic beauty essential: the Mascara Wand. | @cath_millen