How old should you be to wear makeup?

How old should you be to wear makeup?

I get this question a lot, both from parents and from their children: How old should you be to wear makeup? When is the right time to start?

Before we get to the bottom of this, here’s a rough guide:

Assess what type of makeup is appropriate to wear, taking into account the age & circumstances. What’s okay for a party at your friend’s home might not be suitable for school – just use your common sense.

  • Age 7 and under: stick to pretend makeup kits, just for play.
  • Ages 7-11: lip gloss and mascara only (one layer, preferably brown)
  • Ages 12-14: that’s the moment when acne strikes really badly. Concealer and a foundation might be a life saver. As for eye makeup, opt in for natural shades only and go easy on the eyeliner.
  • Ages 15-18: You can wear anything you like, but continue to avoid bold colors. You’ll look best when makeup enhances your good looks instead of overpowering them.

What age should you start wearing makeup?

I believe that the age is irrelevant, since everyone matures at a different pace.

Are you considering starting wearing makeup? Be mindful that for many parents it’s a difficult subject.

From their perspective, it’s disturbing to see how quickly kids are being made to grow up. Because of current trends in fashion and popular culture, children often feel pressured to look much older than they actually are. If you’ve seen Toddlers & Tiaras, then you know what I’m talking about.

Before you go on a shopping spree, talk to your parents first and explain your motivations.

Why do you want to start wearing makeup? Does it make you feel more confident? Are you embarrassed by your acne and you want to cover it up?

Once the parents understand your reasons, it will be easier for them to accept you wearing makeup.

Before you start

Remember that makeup comes with responsibilities. Taking care of your skin is key. Get yourself a makeup remover and a quality face wash. Use it! Sleeping with your makeup on has nasty effects on your skin – just don’t do it.

Try to master the “natural look” to begin with, it’s appropriate for every occasion.

I get this question a lot, both from parents and from their children: How old should you be to wear makeup? When is the right time to start? | @cath_millen


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