Purrfect! Simple cat makeup ideas for Halloween

Simple cat makeup ideas for Halloween

We’ve all been there: You have just received a last-minute invite for a Halloween party. Normally you would ignore it, but this one organized by your long-time crush. My picks for the ultimate Cat Makeup e.l.f. Studio Moisturizing Lipstick – color: Black Out Bareminerals Eye Shadow in True Gold Enhanced Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black … Read more

How old should you be to wear makeup?

How old should you be to wear makeup?

I get this question a lot, both from parents and from their children: How old should you be to wear makeup? When is the right time to start? Before we get to the bottom of this, here’s a rough guide: Assess what type of makeup is appropriate to wear, taking into account the age & circumstances. What’s okay … Read more

Stunning christmas makeup looks – shine like a star!

Amazing christmas looks: eyes, lips, hair, nails

Halloween came and went, but I can barely hide my excitement. And that’s because…. Christmas is coming! I’ve just enriched my collection with TONS of glittery beauty products for a variety of Christmas makeup looks. During this festive time there is simply no such thing as too much glitter, shimmer and sexy burgundy lipsticks! Finally you … Read more

Surprising benefits of beetroot juice for skin

Just the rich burgundy colour of beetroot juice makes you feel good. It looks almost like a glass of red wine! You may have hated the pickled beets found in jars and slopped onto a plate with some lettuce when you were a child, but raw beet juice is completely different. For one thing you … Read more

Pretend makeup for toddlers – ultimate guide

Pretend makeup for kids

Do you have a child that loves to get into your makeup and pretend to be an adult? This is a common game that children like to play, but can be very aggravating for adults. To start, when they play with your makeup, they may ruin it and make it unusable for you in the … Read more