Maxi Dresses Make U Wanna Frock

June 17, 2011 | by Tamar Minassian | posted in Fierce Fashion


Maxi dresses should be in the fashion dictionary under "Effortlessly Chic." 

The types of maxis are many. You have the dressy, the day, the date, the designer, the doomed... the list goes on. Today I chose four fab frocks that are fashion front runners and totally special, so go ahead and pick your next staple! Pair your new dress with some of our favorite nude shoes.

Tamar's Three Truths About

Frocking Up

and why you should try it...

Frock up because maxi's maximize your time, and become you're fashion Go-To.
When you only have five minutes to get ready, don't fret. You can frock up in under a minute, check yourself out in the mirror and be wowed.
Frock up because the summer sun and skinny jeans just. don't. mix. 
Frock up to be a princess... (What? All princesses frock up.)
Can't a girl channel Marie Antoinette's lush wardrobe of provocative Parisian robes, frocked up behavior, and ankle-exposing skirts without getting her shoes dirty by anxious frogs? No? Then, thank God for Denos.

If you don't have a maxi dress yet, I don't know what you're waiting for... fashion is now, and so are you... Go! (If that didn't just motivate you, leave me a comment and I'll send you some great Fashion Self-Help guides.)

 Maximize Your Cool (From Left to Right)
Doing ordinary things in a maxi dress can make things much more fun- like twirling... (ordinary?)... and going down a flight of stairs! If you have any please share, we'd love to try!
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