Want to learn how to stay beautiful & healthy?
Good. Because that’s exactly what I help people with around here.


Marketing teams of powerful brands are flooding us all with their innovations and new formulas.  With so many beauty products & tools on the market, it’s really hard to select the right one for you.

At MakeBeautySimple.com, I present to you hand-selected options with a focus on the benefits – without all the unnecessary jargon and boring specs, so you can find the item that’s perfect for you.

Making skincare, hair care & makeup choices truly SIMPLE.

Stay awhile, won’t you?

Who’s behind Make Beauty Simple?

I thought you would never ask…<wink, wink>

Cath portrait

I’m Cath Millen, never a day older than 25 🙂 I’ve been into skincare & makeup my whole life. It started with raiding my mom makeup case when I was 5 and lead into a career in the creative department at an international beauty brand.

Very recently, I’ve decided to slow down and resigned from my 9 to 5 grind. Currently I’m a freelance makeup artist and of course – a beauty editor at MakeBeautySimple.com.

Contact me at cath@makebeautysimple.com

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