NYC's FNO was "Bigger than Gay Pride Day" says Marc Jacobs

September 11, 2010 | by Tamar Minassian | posted in Glitz and Glam


Last night's Fashion Night Out in New York was, in a word, crazy. Sadly, we were unable to attend and missed the "street dance party" that broke out as a result of a completely blocked Broadway in Soho (@womensweardaily) and the awesome Karaoke contest held at Barney's featuring judges Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen along with the Proenza Schouler boys Lazaro and Jack (@womensweardaily), not to mention the "Fashion week mosh pit!" that resulted from a performance by Iggy Pop at club Don Hill's (which wasapparently "mayhem" according to @cutblog). But from the sounds of it, it was more chaos than fun, fun, fun.

Dallas' own @bagsnob and @sea_of_shoes, who were lucky enough to attend the insanity, felt like "su(ing) Anna Wintour for Post Traumatic Syndrom." @sea_of_shoes blogger Jane Aldridge has "never been happier to see my room - please save us from FNO" and @bagsnob blogger Tina Craig said she hasn't "seen anything like it since the riots in LA." We're starting to rethink our jealousy of the attendees...

Women's Wear Daily reported that Wonder Woman Diane von Furstenburg was "mobbed like a rockstar at her meatpacking flagship" and when asked "the difference between last years FNO - 'more people!'" she said (@womensweardaily). Despite the craziness, every fashion lover was in attendance including Nicole Richie (who spouted off a Spice Girls song to the cheering crowd at Bergdorfs (@bergdorfs)), Ed Westwick, Rachel Zoe, Heidi Klum, and designers galore, just to name a few. 

So after it was all said and done what was the word on the street? Dallas' Society Stylist Valerie Elizabeth (@societystylist) was "so tired I could sleep in my LBD :-)" and famed (and personal favorite) stylist Rachel Zoe (@rzrachelzoe) "barely survived FNO!" But it's @peoplesrev founder Kelly Cutrone who gave her "FNO summary" saying that there was "no one with shopping bags" and the "businesses that made money" were the "hair salons (beaucoup blowdrys), taxis and bars." All in all it sounds like NYC's FNO was just like New Years Eve except with fashion designers and famous faces. I'm not sure we missed out on much other than a mob scene. Maybe we were the lucky ones, spending our FNO basking in the fabulousness that is Dallas. I guess Dorothy was right, there's really is no place like home.


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